FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions HIP HOP TV™ (HHTV)

Q: Where do I list out my video clips in the license form? A: In the license agreement you will see schedule 1 in the document for the license and this is where you list your clips and artist details.

Q: Do I have to complete all the Meta Data? A: Yes you do, and please be as detailed as you can. This is very important for the payment of your royalties and also for the ingestion of your video clips into the HHTV library. Where possible we like to make sure that all artists, performers, actors and support staff that go into making a video clip are properly credited.

Q: How do we make income from the license of our video clip to HHTV ? A: HHTV is in the business of making a weekly 1.5 hour TV show that we syndicate all over the world. As at May 2015, we have syndicated the show to the following networks, digital retailers, and digital media content platforms:

HHTV is paid a license fee as each episode is played on the networks. There are approx. 19 video clips per each 1.5 hour episode. The license fee that we generate is then split 19 ways and paid to the clip owner / rights owner or label. Typical revenue from the shows can vary from $150 for a single use on a Web TV network to over $10,000 per episode on a cable network. The license fee is split 50% with the content providers and 50% to the HHTV Production Team for producing the show.

All content providers are paid 60% of the net receipts that are paid to our distribution and syndication partner Blue Pie Records USA www.bluepierecords.com . Blue Pie Records are our exclusive content license and content aggregation partner.

All sales are paid and reported to all content partners, artists and labels via the Blue Pie Records reports console at www.bluepiedata.com . All content providers are paid 60% of the net receipts paid to Blue Pie Records.

Q: How do I know when the show is licensed to a Cable, web tv or satellite tv network? A: In the reports console located at Blue Pie Data www.bluepiedata.com there is a message section in the console. As we secure license placements for the show we notify Blue Pie and they in turn post the notices to the reports console for all artists, labels and content owners to see. If you have an active license and you have been issued a password then you can login to the console and see all the details there. If you have not received your access code then please email the Blue Pie Records support system on support@bluepie.com.au

We do not know of any other TV network working this way or with this level of transparency. It has been a big “BLACK HOLE “for many years for independent labels artists and content owners who send their clips to TV shows each and every week. HHTV hopes to improve on the level of information and ultimately become a major source of revenue for independent artists, labels and content owners all over the world.

Q: What currency are the sales report in? A: All sales are reported in USA dollars.

Q: How do you make the payments to the content providers? A: All payments and reports are all managed by our content partner Blue Pie Records USA and report and paid through the reports console at www.bluepiedata.com

Q: I am an Australian artist, do I have to issue a GST tax invoice to be paid my royalties? A: Yes you do. As the royalties and license fees accumulate you will be provided all this information via your reports console at www.bluepiedata.com. Once your account has over $50 in credit you can request a payment to be made. You will need to invoice for the payment and not that this includes GST. If you have payment due to you of $50 then you will invoice a total of $50 + GST of $5. Blue Pie Productions Australia will recover the GST payment with their BAS lodgement each quarter.

Q: So what are the deductions that would occur in a license transaction? A: When the show is licensed to a network the following deductions would occur if DJ Central Hong Kong Ltd was paid $1000 for one episode of the show for a 12 month license use of the show on their respective network. This is not to say that this is the actual license fee that would / could be charged but merely an example of the license fee payment calculation.

Example Net Episode License Fee Generated: $1000 USD paid to HHTV.
• HHTV deducts its production fee charge for producing the show of 50% of the gross revenue = $500 USD
• The remaining fee is deemed the content license fee and $500 USD is paid to Blue Pie Records USA.
• Blue Pie Records USA retains 40% and pays out 60% of the remaining funds to license holders split up by the number of clips in the respective episode. In this example there will be $300 USD split 19 ways
• In this example each video clip would be paid approx. $15.78.

Q: What happens with mechanical copyright payments and the collection society payments for the air time on commercial cable networks, free to air networks and satellite networks? A: HHTV has engaged Blue Pie Productions USA and Blue Pie Records USA to manage this process and insure that where any mechanical copyright royalty is due and payable that this is then in turn collected and managed by our partners and duly reported back to you as a content provider through the reports console at Blue Pie Data www.bluepiedata.com

It is very important to note that we nor Blue Pie Productions collect any of your royalty payments for your existing content licenses that you may or may not have already in place with other networks. We are only collecting mechanical copyrights where the royalty can be collected in the 1st instance and is deemed due and payable under the license agreements that we enter with our content partners for the license of the clip to the network.

As an example the USA in some instances does not provide for Air Time mechanical payments for content owners on some cable networks or satellite networks and in this case the only income would be the respective license fee paid to HHTV for the use of the show episode. This is also true for markets like Indonesia, China, Thailand and other 3rd world markets like India where there are very limited copyright laws to protect artists.

HHTV hopes to be a part of that change process for these markets by opening up new content licenses for the syndication of our show and therefore being able to secure license fee royalties for all our content providers from artists to labels and content owners that would normally have not secured a royalty for the use of their music in the programming of music shows.

In markets where there are close to no copyright controls, content is freely downloaded from YOU TUBE and then packaged into shows and sold in these markets and none of the content owners or copyright work creators see any royalties. HHTV is working to change this by providing cost effective shows that under our license model above will provide content owners, artists and labels with some license fees as opposed to none and at the same time opening their music to vast new markets where in the past they have not collected any revenue at all.

A good example is Indonesia where shows are now being purchased and licensed correctly for small to moderate license fees and the copyright owners are now actually seeing royalty payments from this market where in the past no revenue had been generated. HBO is a good example and now licenses a large part of their catalogue to a number of the networks there. HHTV is committed to seeking out new markets for our shows that will generate revenue for all participants in the show, from the production team to the copyright creator of the respective video clip.

Q: How do I know if my clip has been included in an episode or not? A: You can search the show production episode listings in our EPISODE listing page in this site. All video clips used in any show are duly noted in the show playlist and these can all be downloaded in an easy to print PDF format.

Q: I have some great music but I do not have a video clip. Can HHTV make a video clip for me? A: The answer is yes. Please send a detailed brief to our marketing team at sales@hiphoptvonline.com and one of our team will come back to you with a question form to complete.

Q: I have a questions but the answer is not here in the FAQ, who do I email to answer the question? A: You can email any and all questions to our content license and rights management partner Blue Pie Records at support@hiphopcentraltv.com  one of the support team will respond to you within 72 hours.

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